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Well Laid Plans (Chase/Cuddy)

Title: Well Laid Plans
Pairings: Chase/Cuddy, (implied Chase/person of your choice)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Consequences at housemd_100
Summary: It's what she always wanted... or isn't it?

Well Laid Plans


Chase looks too much like a scared little boy and you’re glad you only told him after he’d pushed you up against the wall.

“You sure?”

He lets out a shaky breath and runs his fingers through his shock of blond hair.

“You think I would’ve ruined the evening based on a hunch?”

You shouldn’t yell, this isn’t his fault. It’s what you’ve wanted. A child, no commitment from a man already taken – the sensational sex was only an added bonus.

So why are you suddenly shaking in his arms, clinging to his shirt, your tears running down his cheeks?