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Comment_fic repost; Fandom: House MD

Title: Power
Characters/Pairings: House/Cuddy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 48 (tiny, I know)

He's in her power professionally, she's in his emotionally, sort of, kinda, maybe, if you squint just a bit... Or maybe it's the other way round, or maybe it doesn't add up like that at all. But that's how House likes it, the puzzle is half the fun.

Title: Regrets
Characters/Pairings: House, implied Chase/Cameron
Rating: PG
Word Count: 90
Warning: S6 spoilers

Regrets (House)

House has no regrets, it would have happened without his intervention too, maybe in a year or three, and then they would have had to fight over who gets the cute little children who were only born to save a marriage that had failed long ago. It's better this way, House tells himself as he watches Chase look more and more lost each day. But then he remembers that you shouldn't take away someone's drug without offering some compensation in return, and wonders if the same goes for placebos too.

Title: Moving on is running in circles
Characters/Pairings: Wilson/House/Chase
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 122

Moving on is running in circles (Wilson/House/Chase)

Wilson kissed House - one lazy Sunday afternoon when he should have had better things to do than to eat take away with his annoying best friend but somehow couldn't come up with anything else.

House kissed Chase - and wanted Wilson to see because he had never been good with proper human-to-human relationships and playing games, testing how far he could go was much more fun anyway.

Chase kissed Wilson - because maybe Foreman was right about him being petty and vindictive and completely fucked up, or maybe he just wanted more than being a prop in the game called "Let's fuck (with) Wilson"... at least he had spent enough time around House to know where to strike to hurt most...

Title: Drunk
Characters/Pairings: Foreman/Chase
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100

Drunk, Foreman/Chase

If Foreman believed in Heaven he might compare Chase to a fallen angel, golden hair sprawled on the pillow, lips slightly open, eyes closed in deep slumber, wrapped in an impenetrable stench of alcohol. Last night he had kissed Foreman, just a kiss, nothing more, and Foreman panicked, telling him he had no interest in fucking until Chase climbed out of this latest hole. But even as he said it Foreman suspected what he's so sure of now in the cold light of morning, he will never give into Chase's advances, because this is not who he wants to be.

Title: For Good
Characters/Pairings: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 84

For good (House/Wilson)

It's one of the most ancient laws of their friendship that everything Wilson owns belongs just as much to House: food, money, couch, etc. His own belongings are scattered around Wilson's flat as if it was the most natural thing in the world. A jacket here, a pair of sneakers there. But it's only when Wilson almost falls over in House's carelessly (or maybe too carefully) placed cane at least a dozen times a day that he knows that this really is for good.

Title: In the dark
Characters/Pairings: Chase/House/Wilson, team
Rating: R
Word Count: 380

In the dark (Chase/House/Wilson)

Thirteen pretends not to care but watches with all the voyeuristic interest of a woman. Cuddy keeps going on about the hospital's morals going down the drain even though they all know that's like crying over spilt milk. Foreman hides his disinterest behind hurting remarks and everybody agrees that that's a bit overthetopmessedup. Taub thinks it's hilarious and just a bit boring, while Kutner keeps repeating that he knew all along and it was bloody time. Cameron... well, no one actually knows what Cameron thinks because she had the courtesy of removing herself from their lives a while ago.

Chase keeps blaming House for the arrangement because somehow everything is his fault ever since that damn job interview from hell. Wilson says he knows nothing, and is only tagging along to stop a car crash from happening but somehow he always ends up dissecting their motives - Chase thinks that's all House's fault too. And House keeps showering them in the most unbelievable theories which just make them roll their eyes even though they believe every single word because he's House after all.

There are a frightening number of bets on when Chase and Wilson are going to end up in a mental hospital and/or when they are going to brutally murder House. Chase would bet his career that half of them are run by House himself. Wilson says that's stupid but corners House about it anyway. House just grins and has more fun than he had in years.

Sometimes when it's just House and Chase, frantically pulling at clothes, burning up with desire, between needy moans Chase confesses his love over and over again, and House pretends not to hear.

Sometimes when it's just Chase and Wilson, lying together in bed in each other's arms in lazy post-orgasmic peace, when Wilson is sure Chase is already asleep he confesses his love for House to the silent room, vowing never to say it out loud again.

Sometimes when House is alone in his too big bed and his leg is killing him and there's no Vicodin because Wilson made him promise and Chase stole his secret stash, House confesses that he's in love with them both and pretends he never heard his own words fill the empty room with warmth.